Beta Controller DC32

The DC32 models are controllers designed to control refrigeration/heating appliances, by dead-band or 2 indipendent stages functions.
When dead-band mode it checks the main temperature probe and manages the cooling (K#1 output) and heating (K#2 output) relay in automatic way, to regulate the room temperature around one desired SEt point value.
Whereas the 2-stages control mode is suitable to select heating or cooling mode for each of the two output relays, with different SEt point temperature values. Enabling the second probe, it will achieve two indipendent control channels, like having two separate thermostats.
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  • Specifications
  • Wiring
POWER :  230 Vac  ±10%  50/60 Hz (3VA max);
SUPPLY   or 115 Vac  ±10%  50/60 Hz (3VA max);
                  or 12 Vac/dc ±10% (150mA max) (use only SELV power s.);
                  or 9..24 Vac/dc (use only SELV power supply).
INPUTS: 2 Ntc/Ptc sensors, 1 Digital-In external contact (max 1mA);
Probes types:  Ntc standard 10Kohm@25°C Beta=3435-25/85;
                        Ptc 990ohm@25°C KTY81(2)-121.
OUTPUTS: 1 spst relay 250Vac 12A max resistive (K1 channel 1 relay);
                        1 spdt relay 250Vac 8A max resistive (K2 channel 2 relay);
                        1 spst relay 250Vac 5A max resistive (optional, alarm relay);
                        (the max const. current in the common terminal #1 is 12A)
SERIAL PORT:    TTL level, ModBus protocol, RTU type, 9600 baud, 8bit char, even parity, 1 bit stop;
DISPLAY: 3 digit LED, 14 mm height,  high intensity red;
MEASURING RANGE: -50 … +150 °C  /  -50 … +302 °F  (if Ptc);
– resolution: 0.1 °C   /   0.1 °F (within –19.9 .. +99.9);
– accuracy @25°C:  ±0.5 °C + 1 digit;
– connections terminal block with screw for max 2.5mm2 gauge wire;
– operating temperature: –10 … +60 °C;
– storage temperature: –25 … +70 °C;
– storage humidity: 30 … 90 % r.H., non condensing;
– plastic casing (PC+ABS rear box, PC frontal panel);
– frontal panel IP65, if appropriate mounting gasket;
– max temperature of the switch head: 60 °C;
– pollution degree: 2;
– rated impulse voltage: 2.5 KV;
– PTI of insulating material: 175 (circuit board 250);
– class of protection against electric shock: II (for correct install.);
– class of protection against voltage sourges: category II;
– type of disconnection: 1.B micro disconnection (relay);
– software class: A.


Sunday September 20th, 2015

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