Beta Controller RC31

The RC31 models are controllers specifically designed to manage static refrigerating units, for positive (or normal) temperatures.

Simply modifying a parameter, it is possible to select between direct and inverse action, to control also heating appliances.

  • Specifications
  • Drawing
POWER :  230 Vac  ±10%  50/60 Hz (3VA max);
SUPPLY   or 115 Vac  ±10%  50/60 Hz (3VA max);
                  or 12 Vac/dc ±10% (150mA max) (use only SELV power s.);
                  or 9..24 Vac/dc (use only SELV power supply).
INPUTS: 1 Ntc/Ptc sensor, 1 Digital-In external contact (max 1mA);
 Types: Ntc standard 10Kohm@25°C Beta=3435-25/85 (-40..+125°C);
               Ntc 5Kohm@25°C Beta=3980-25/100 (meas.range -40..+80°C);
              Ptc 990ohm@25°C KTY81(2)-121 (meas. range -50..+150°C);
              Ptc 1Kohm@100°C KTY84-130 (measure range -40..+300°C).
OUTPUTS:     1 spdt relay 250Vac 8A max resistive (K1 – main relay);
                        1 spst relay 250Vac 5A max resistive (optional alarm);
                        (the max const. current in the common terminal #1 is 12A)
SERIAL PORT:    TTL level, ModBus protocol, RTU type, 9600 baud, 8bit char, even parity, 1 bit stop; Connection for communication with EBC & Multi touch Platform for local and remote management.
DISPLAY: 3 digit LED, 14 mm height,  high intensity red;
MEASURING RANGE: -50…+300 °C  /  -50 … +572 °F  (if Ptc/Ptc300);
– resolution: 0.1 °C   /   0.1 °F   (within –19.9 .. +99.9);
– accuracy @25°C:  ±0.5 °C + 1 digit;
  To define the max measure error, add the accuracy of the connected probe.
 – connections terminal block with screw for max 2.5mm2 gauge wire;
– operating temperature: –10 … +60 °C;
– storage temperature: –25 … +70 °C;
– storage humidity: 30 … 90 % r.H., non condensing;
– plastic casing (PC+ABS rear box, PC frontal panel);
– frontal panel IP65, if appropriate mounting gasket;
– max temperature of the switch head: 60 °C;
– pollution degree: 2;
– rated impulse voltage: 2.5 KV;
– PTI of insulating material: 175 (circuit board 250);
– class of protection against electric shock: II (for correct install.);
– class of protection against voltage sourges: category II;
– type of disconnection: 1.B micro disconnection (relay);
– software class: A

Beta RC31-8A Alarm diag

Monday September 14th, 2015

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