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bitzer screw


Bitzer, experience is an example in the manufacture of screw compressors with modern design and manufacturing techniques. Bitzer screw compressors: high capacity and efficiency, excellent profile structure, higher engine efficiency, small size, it has features such as silence and lack of vibration.

Semi-hermetic compressors for industrial applications. Modern rotary compressors, high efficiency and strong, compact design, light weight, and are preferred for universal applications with cost-effective rates.

Furthermore, there are also more specific features:
The highest possible cooling capacity and COP with economizer options.
Integrated capacity control.
The patented lubrication system and engine bearings prepared long-term durability thanks to its generous size.
6 compatible compressor operating in parallel.
Compatible with all refrigerants: chlorine-free HFCs and R22.
Capacity range: up to 400 kW with pallel operations – 18.5 66 kW (rated motor power)


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