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shell kodenser

Shell&Tube evaporators are used at cooling units which provides cool water, utilize at industrial and comfort solutions. dimensions according to our customers’ demand. i-cold Shell&Tube evaporators have special geometry which includes internal striped heat transfer pipes.

These pipes are combined on end to provide minimum volume maximum efficiency. Tube sheets, header and barrel pipes are made of ca rbon steel. Leakproofing is provided by using asbestos free gaskets. It is possible to apply welded and threaded connection to water inlet and outlet pipes. On production process,
water inlet and outlet connections can be inserted on various Our evaporators’ leakage test is made fewer than 30 bars for refrigerant side and 12 bar for water side with using dry nitrogen. i-cold Shell&Tube evaporators have capacities requiring to Pressure Vessels Norms varying from 20kW to 550kW, and have 19 different types. The suitable refrigerants are all HCFs and HCFCs. Removable tube bundles provide an easy maintenance and cleaning possibility. Except mentioned in this catalog, we have various types of 97/23/EC products which have higher or lower capacities.

ICSTCW dew series water cooled condensers are produced with TURBO feature heat transfer tubes. It allows the use of minimum space usage Compact design. 14 kW to 1750 kW produced as standard I-COLD water cooled condensers the demands of customers in different capacities and sizes can be produced.

ICSTCS MARINE series  dew sea water cooled condensers are fitted with high-level heat transfer tubes . products designed with the TURBO function and the strong against corrosive effects of seawater. It allows the use of minimum space usage Compact design. As standard from 14 kW to ICSTCS dew sea water cooled condensers produced up to 675kW can be produced according to customer requirements in different capacities and sizes.

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