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Patech Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd., led by a group of highly trained and experienced chemical engineers, was founded in year 2000 during the financial crisis. Despite the unfavorable macro-environment, the company was able to complete its factory construction, developed product line, and com- menced production all within the first year. Today, we are equipped with a fully automatized factory and have devel- oped an advanced core technology in Esters.

In addition, we are committed to being an environmentally friendly and flexible company. Over the years, Patech has actively pursuit

the development of esters for use in different areas of chemical application and established a complete customized service program. Our diversified portfolio of high quality products is not only well received in the Asia-Pacific and Greater China, but also helped us successfully entered the Japan and EU market.

Our conviction of “Quality, Service, and Innovation” and our commitment to protect the environment is evident in our ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certifica- tion. We are dedicated to providing reliable high quality products and services to our customers, at the same time protecting the safety of our employees and the environment. Through expansions and debottlenecking of production, and continuous research, we strive to satisfy the needs of our customers and help create competitive advantages and growth opportuni- ties for both parties.


Using Patech’s leading chemical structure design and production tech- nique, we have successfully developed a range of poyol ester (POE) refrigeration lubricants within our Cryolant series products. We now offer a complete product line, covering a wide viscosity range with outstand- ing low temperature characteristics, and excellent thermal, oxidation, and hydrolytic stability. This enabled the Cryolant series to satisfy the harsh performance demands of the refrigeration industry.

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