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ALCO, which is sub-brand of the American company Emerson Climate CONTROLS, mechanical and digital control product segment that hosts one of the companies most product types in the world. Alco Controls, residential, commercial and industrial applications offers a full range of fluid handling products.

Emerson’s hardware and software solutions, system performance and energy efficiency is targeted, are intended to save on service projects in their own spending.

Pressure switches and thermostats, keeping your system against abnormal operating conditions, providing loop control, you can find different types of switches and thermostats in Alco Controls product range.

System preservatives, acids may be in the cooling system, moisture, protecting against the elements and resources such as oil sludge residue secures your system. You can find different kinds of protective systems within the range of ALCO CONTROLS products.

Valves, thermo expansion valves, electronic expansion valves, pressure regulators, solenoid valves and shut-off is located in Alco Controls product range with all varieties.


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